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School Council

We fully recognise the importance of pupil voice and involving the people who really count in the development of the school.  The children in each class elect their own school council members.  The elections are held every September to allow all pupils the chance to stand.

A person is chosen from each class to represent their class in the school council.  The group meet regularly.

Their job is to:

  • represent the views of all the children from their class.
  • improve our school.
  • help sort out any problems.

If anyone wants to make a suggestion for the school council to talk about they can speak to their class representative or post their ideas in the "ideas box".

Pupil Safety

The school council asked all classes to take a "pupil safety" questionnaire.  Click here to see the results.

School council minutes - 2017/2018

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School council minutes - 11th November 2016


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