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End of year letter

Nursery end of year dates

Year 1 Sports Day

Invite to KS1 meetings

Nursery open morning

Nursery PM Teddy Bears picnic


Enterprise week

Eid June 2018

Art Exhibition

Weekly newsletter 8.6.18

Individual photos June 2018

Dates for the diary Summer 2 and parents overview - Nursery

Dates for the diary Summer 2 and parents overview - Reception

Dates for the diary Summer 2 and parents overview - Year 1

Dates for the diary Summer 2 and parents overview - Year 2

Photos - June 18

FRED Reading programme - Nursery

End of term newsletter

Reception - drop at school door

Eid Assembly

Eid Assembly - Nursery

Acorn Assembly

Royal Wedding - non-uniform

Nursery Independence presentation

Weekly newsletter - 20th April

Holidays 2018/2019

Dates for the diary - Summer1

Parent overview - Nursery

Parent overview - Reception

Parent overview - Year 1

Parent overview - Year 2

Holly class assembly

Weekly newsletter 29.3.18

Sycamore class assembly

Weekly newsletter 23.03.18

Grandparents gardening

Down's syndrome awareness day

Weekly newsletter 16.03.18

Class assembly

Magic Tom

Reception open mornings

Weekly newsletter 9.03.18

Bookshare event in Nursery

Y2 SATs workshop

Weekly newsletter 16.02.18

World Book Day

Weekly newsletter 09.02.18

Weekly newsletter 02.02.18

Class photos

Open morning Nursery

Open morning YR

Chinese new year open morning - Y1

Year 2 parent workshop

Weekly newsletter 26.01.18

The Farm is coming to Purlwell!

Rescheduled Year 1 workshop

Weekly newsletter 19.01.18

Book share event in Nursery

Book Fair 2018

Weekly newsletter 12.01.18

Dates for the Diary - Spring 1

Parent overview - Spring 1 - Nursery

Parent overview - Spring 1 - Reception

Parent overview - Spring 1 - Year 1

Parent overview - Spring 1 - Year 2

Weekly newsletter 22.12.17

Weekly newsletter 15.12.17

Sponsored Read - December 2017

Weekly newsletter 08.12.17

KS1 Production

Weekly newsletter 01.12.17

Nursery and Reception Nativity

Milk reminder

Year 1 Trip to The Zone

Weekly newsletter 24.11.17

Nativity 2017

Nursery admissions reminder

Junior school transfer

Open morning - Blossom class

Open morning - Conker class

Open morning - Acorn class

Year 2 Workshop

Weekly newsletter 10th November 2017

Children in Need 2017

Open morning Nursery

Nursery and reception nativity

Anti-bullying workshop

Weekly newsletter 3rd November 2017

Blossom class PE

Year 1 parents workshop

Dates for the diary

Weekly newsletter 20.10.17

Poppies and non-uniform

Community fun afternoon poster

Weekly newsletter 13.10.17

Harvest 2017

Weekly newsletter 6.10.17

Year 2 workshop

Harvest - Nursery and reception

Harvest sing along Nursery and Reception classes

National walk to school day

Year 1 Parents Workshop

Weekly newsletter 22.9.17

Open morning Conker

Open morning Acorn

Open morning Blossom

Weekly newsletter 15.9.17

Reception class info

Journal meeting Year 1

Apply online for Junior School

Dates for the diary

Journal meeting Year 2

Flu Immunisation letter

Events of the last half term

End of year letter

Weekly newsletter 14th July 2017

Reception - drop off arrangements

Art competition - Nursery

Weekly newsletter 7th July 2017

Sports Afternoon Year 2

Weekly newsletter 30th June 2017

Invitation to KS1 meeting current YR

Invitation to KS1 meeting current Y1

Weekly newsletter 23rd June 2017

Great Eid Get Together

Weekly newsletter 9th June 2017

More in common - Rugby

The Great Get Together June 2017

Dates for the Diary - Summer 2

Year 2 - parents overview - Summer 2

Year 1 parents oveview - Summer 2

Reception parents overview - Summer 2

Nursery Parents Overview - Summer 2

Acorn Assembly

Weekly newsletter 26.5.17

Events over the last half term

End of term letter

Weekly newsletter 19.5.17

Year 1 Castles day

Conker class assembly

Willow class assembly

Weekly newsletter 12.5.17

FRED event Nursery

Ramadan Assembly

Weekly newsletter 7.5.17

Headteacher letter re road safety etc

Year 1 Mosque visits

Weekly newsletter 28.04.17

Art Exhibition invitation

Blossom class assembly

Dates for the diary - Summer 1

Weekly newsletter 7.4.17

Events over the last half term

Weekly newsletter 24.3.17

Facebook Photos permission form

Year 2 Maths workshop

Ash class assembly

Red Nose Day

Weekly newsletter 10th March 2017

Sycamore class assembly

Book week

Rowan class assembly

Million minutes

Weekly newsletter 3rd March 2017

FRED reading programme invite - YR parents

World Book Day

Year 2 parents overview - Spring 2

Year 1 parents overview - Spring 2

Reception parents overview - Spring 2

Nursery parents overview - Spring 2

Dates for the Diary

Big Yellow Friday

Newsletter 17th February

Half term fun!

More in common competition

Newsletter 10th February 2017

Year 2 Reading meeting

Newsletter 3rd February 2017

Year 1 Fairytale day


Coffee Morning

Newsletter 27th January 2017

Newsletter 20th January 2017

Class photos

Chinese New Year - Year 1

Newsletter 13th January 2017

Open Morning - Acorn

Open Morning - Conker

Open Morning - Blossom

Advanced Cricket

Cricket blast

Newsletter 9th January 2016

Cake stall - Year 2

end of term letter

Newsletter 9th December

Food Bank

Newsletter 2nd December

Year 2 - SATs meeting

Reception parent meeting

Newsletter 25th November

Letter regarding additional information required

Year 1 Maths Meeting

Weekly newsletter 18th November

Transfer to Junior school

Sumdog 2016

Nativity 2015

Weekly newsletter - 11th November

Literacy course

Anti-bullying workshop

Children in Need

Weekly newsletter - 4th November 2016

French Breakfast invitation

Introduction to Jewellery making course

Nursery Afternoon Tea

Nursery Big Breakfast

Weekly newsletter - 14th October 2016

CGP book orders

Parents Evening

Weekly newsletter - 7th October 2016

Weekly newsletter - 30th September 2016

Letter re parking

Apply online for Junior school

Reading in reception

Pupil Premium letter

Earrings and PE

Coffee Mornings

Climbing Frame

Free Toothpaste

Headteachers letter

Apply online for junior school

Flu immunisation letter

Newsletter - Autumn 1

Nursery parents overview

Reception parents overview

Year 1 parents overview

Year 2 parents overview

Social Media and school events

Ofsted result and end of year letter

Its up to you

Strike 2nd letter

Festival note - Acorn

Sports After school clubs

Festival note - Blossom

Strike 1st letter

Year 2 Enterprise week

Eid 2016

Year 1 Enterprise week

Nursery Information letter

Reception money week

Great Idea letter

Newsletter - Summer 2

Water bottles

Clothes donation

Non-uniform for Queens Birthday

Ramadan Assembly

Oak class assembly

Ash class assembly

Conker class assembly

Library opening hours

Willow class assembly

Mosque visits

Sycamore class assembly

Bookstart event in Nursery

Newsletter - Summer 1

Year 2 - Summer 1 overview

Year 1 - Summer 1 overview

Reception classes - Summer 1 overview

Nursery - Summer 1 overview

Ash class - change of teacher

Healthy eating session

Blossom class assembly

Nursery survey results

Rowan class assembly

Parents Evening - March 2016

Sports Relief

Letter re school closures

Coffee morning - 9th March

World Book Day

Mathematics workshop meeting

Newsletter - Spring 2

Arts and Crafts course

Reception classes - stay and play

First Aid course

Family wellbeing course

Year 1 open morning

Online Safety

Book Fair 16

Class photos

Spring 1 Newsletter

Nursery parents Spring 1 overview

Reception parents Spring 1 overview

Year 1 parents Spring 1 overview

Year 2 parents Spring 1 overview

End of term letter

Library opening times for parents


New lunch menu letter


Reception parents meeting

Library books - Reception


CGP books

Newsletter - Autumn 2

Children in Need

Health week

End of term letter

Nursery Afternoon Tea

Nursery Big Breakfast

Poppies for sale

Parent Elections and coffee morning

Reception class photos

Year 1 wellies required

Various - 1st Oct 2015

Eid 2015

Cake decorating course

Nursery parents overview

Reception parents overview

Y1 parents overview

Y2 parents overview


Apply online for junior school

Apply online for school

Flu immunisation

Homework club

Start of year letter

End of year letter

Nursery information letter

Reception classes open morning

Breakfast club closed

Sports Premium Funding

Ramadan assembly

Nursery closed

Sports Afternoon - reception classes

Sports Afternoon - Year 1

Willow class assembly

Acorn class assembly

Sports Afternoon - Sycamore class

Photos and videos - June 15

Sports Afternoon - Willow class

Summer 2 Newsletter

Year 2 open morning

Year 2 Parent Overview

Year 1 Parent Overview

Reception Parent Overview

Nursery Parent Overview

Oak class assembly

Letter from Mrs Azhar

Water bottles

Holly class assembly

Nursery closed

Nursery cake stall

Conker class assembly

Rowan class assembly

Nepal Earthquake appeal

Newsletter - Summer 1 - 2015

Y2 - parent overview - Summer 1 - 2015

Y1 - parent overview - Summer 1 - 2015

Reception - parent overview - Summer 1 - 2015

Nursery - parent overview - Summer 1 - 2015

Reception reading

Nursery bookstart pack

End of term letter

Pupil premium funding - nursery letter

Crafty literacy course

Krazy Kingdom

Ash class assembly

Miss Riaz wedding

Videos and Photos at school events

Comic Relief 2015

Rights respecting school

World book day

Spring 2 - Newsletter

Year 2 Parents curriculum overview

Year 1 Parents curriculum overview

Reception parents curriculum overview

Nursery parents curriculum overview

End of term letter

Safer Internet Day

Year 1 open morning

After school clubs - year 1 and 2

Nursery Parents

PE Event

Italian Breakfast

Open morning - Blossom

Open morning - Acorn

Open morning - Conker

Class photographs

Book Fair

Year 2 parents curriculum overview

Year 1 parents curriculum overview

Reception parents curriculum overview

Nursery parents curriculum overview

Spring 1 Newsletter

End of term letter

Winter Performance

Nursery Christmas party

Headteachers letter

Sumdog contest

CGP Books


SATs meeting

Share a story - Nursery

DB Primary demo

Newsletter Autumn 2

Nativity 2014

Letter to Parents/Carers re recent changes

Children in Need 2014

Sumdog Maths contest

Changes to drop off arrangements 

Parents Evening bookings online

Transfer to Junior school

Celebrations week

Free School Meals

PoPs and strike


Coming to reception - ready to learn

Dental health talk

Nursery and Pre-nursery EID parties

EID parties

Reception photos for Batley News

SATs books for Year 2 children

Newsletter - Autumn1

Headteachers end of year letter

Sycamore trip to Flockton school

School reports

Strike letter

Ramadan assembly

Dates for the diary - Nursery

Speedmark Sponsored event

School lunch - September 2014

Conker class assembly

Common Transfer Day

School meals from September 2014

Purlwell Festival

Summer Fayre

Summer Fayre - help needed



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